Natalie & Sen. We are passionate about storytelling in wedding photography using light to convey emotions and to emphasise the beauty of the moment. It’s all about looking at the couple as they do when they say their “I DO’S”. Finding magical scenes in every single story. Helping them remember this day as if it only existed for them. It is hard but beautiful at the same time, and that is what we love most in our job. We have a passion we love and a job that is our passion.

Our favourite shoots of all time are weddings our clients invite us to capture. Documentary wedding photography is simply magical. We truly feel honored to be the part of each and every ceremony. Whether it is in Oslo, the city we live in, or on the other side of the world, we are available for travel and work worldwide. Ask us to photograph your special day anywhere, and we will not hesitate for a moment. We love when couples select a fantastic and unique place with beautiful settings and amazing views for their ceremony and wedding shoot, even if it is thousands kilometers from Norway. Sometimes it’s the exotic real dream place the couple have always wished to visit, or simply a sentimental place of the first love trip… Through working closely with couples, we capture them intimately, unlocking love and connection. It’s like watching their love story and helping them keep these unforgettable memories in the pictures. Each wedding ceremony is exciting. And each couple is like challenge that keeps us invigorated with what we do. It’s like with the light , you’re always looking for gorgeous light, good composition and the best moment to photograph but it can never be repeated. We help our couples to relax with a gentle approach and a little humour, showing how amazing you are together. We catch the feelings, emotions and love on candid photographs that come out of them.

WILDMOSSES’ photographs have consistently featured amongst the winners of the top photography competitions. We are in the top 50 Best Wedding Photographers in the world in the Wedding Photographers Contest run by 2014. We sent only 20 photographs, which was enough to be noticed amongst 50 000 photos. We are two photographers, a couple in love, well-known also for our breathtaking ethereal mountain photography, especially the incredible Tatra Mountains. More and more often we are photographing documentary weddings abroad. We traveled with couples to such picturesque places as: Indonesia – Bali, Mauritius, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Portugal, Malta, Spain, Greece, Italy and many, many more. We always say that the most important and valuable contest for us are the wedding of each couple, and the best prize are the emotions on their faces when they look at the photos together for the first time. We have the unique ability to masterfully piece together every photograph to represent a true wedding day story that will be treasured for years to come.

We are real artists with the soul of a traveler. Overseas documentary weddings inspire us, add energy and excite our photographic imagination. Just imagine a bride and groom kiss behind the wedding veil blowing in the wind somewhere on the top of the Irish cliffs… Silhouettes of wedding couple embracing sitting on the sun before mountain landscape. The two are enjoying the unforgettable moment and WILDMOSSES intimately press the camera button and capture the unforgettable moment forever. Well, not just their dream come true then.  Our dream come true too.

Quite simply, WILDMOSSES are Photographers of Joy of the Souls!Enjoy!